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What is Mystical World Miniatures?

Currently, Mystical World Miniatures is our line of miniatures and collection busts for specialists. All the items you find here are specially designed for painters and collectors.

As lovers of Terror, this year 2017, we have launched a new collection of busts inspired by the horror classics.


The collection is called "TASTE OF HORROR" and consist of 7 terrifying characters: Dracula, Werewolf, The Mummy, Zombie, Swamp Monster, Frankenstein and Jack the Ripper.




Catalogue before 2017

In 2014, "Mystical World Miniatures" began to take its first steps in the world of miniatures designing scenic bases and scenery for wargames. Currently these items can be bought at your local retailers (store) nearest you, visit your favorite store and ask the seller for our products.

If you are a store and you are interested in purchasing our products before 2017, you have at your disposal the whole catalogue of bases and scenery available with our dealer Dia Cash S.L.

You can contact them by clicking here:


Later, they were commercialized miniatures for game and collection, as for example the range Dark Fantasy: